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What Are the Best Party Supplies?


With the diversification of people's drinking needs, more cups have been designed to meet this demand. We use mugs for homemade coffee, goblets for wine, bottles for water, and so on. It seems that we have taken it for granted that drinkware is supposed to contain beverages. If this is true for you, you should get a Meoky’s stainless steel tumbler. A game changer that starts your on-the-go style life.

A Tumbler for Your Cup, Save You from Coffee Mess

If you're an iced coffee lover, you would know how annoying it is to have the cup sweating in your hand. It not only messes up your desk and car but also may leave a stain on your new shirt. Even though a coffee sleeve could save you from this trouble for a while, the condensation dripping off the cup is what you can’t get rid of.

So, maybe we should find a container for your cup, to keep it cold and clean. Here it is, an insulated stainless steel tumbler. The tumbler works almost as a coffee sleeve for your cup, but better. It is beveled at the bottom, allowing an easy and comfortable grip.

There are also multiple layers inside the tumbler so that you can shove your coffee cups right into it. And yes, it is designed to be compatible with almost all the sizes of cups from popular coffee stores. Grande, Venti, or Trenta from Starbucks, Small, Media, or Large from McDonald’s, they all fit in.

The amazing part is that the tumbler fits almost all the cupholders with no wobbles, for it is equipped with a silicone ring to stabilize the cup. You can easily put your drink in a drive-thru; all you have to do is open the car window and raise it to the waiter.

Keep Your Drink Fresh

The tumbler is constructed using double wall, vacuum insulated stainless steel. It is designed to keep your drink cold or warm for up to six hours, which means no condensation will drip down the sides of the cup, messing up your desk or cupholder.

In addition, if you take out the silicone ring on the top of the cup and put on the spill-proof lid that comes with it, it is a large capacity 30oz mug. Do not think it is silly to hold such a large tumbler, with its perfect coating and design, it can be an ideal accessory for you.

For Your Homemade Drink

We understand that an on-the-go beverage is a great option for people who don't have much time because they don’t need to wash the disposable cups. But with the emergence of extreme weather and the deterioration of the ecological environment, reusable products are what is advocated for the future. That’s why we suggest that you reduce the use of disposable products while perhaps trying to make some beverages at home.

Make your own lemonade, coffee, or juice and pour them into the tumbler to keep it fresh. You can enjoy them by yourself or share them with your friends. 


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