Best 40oz tumbler with handle

meoky 40oz tumbler blog post image
Best 40oz tumbler with handle blog post image


Summer has arrived and the hot weather is a constant reminder that you need cold drinks! You need to cool down! When you are traveling, a travel tumbler is essential to have a cold drink anytime and anywhere. Next I will introduce you to the best 40oz tumbler with handle that is essential for travel and daily life, the Meoky 40 oz tumbler with handle. By the way, I’m a newbie in this company. I was given this tumbler on my first day of employment and was given the task of writing a review. I will be very objective in evaluating this tumbler, which I felt amazing when I got my hands on it.


First of all, I really like the appearance of this tumbler, the color, I feel very surprised at the moment I got my hands on it, I have a matte orange, his paint is not smooth, but has a special texture, I don’t know how to describe it, but it looks and feels really great, very textured, I have never seen this kind of texture on any other tumblers, and there are many other colors, there’s glossy and matte, and I think they’re all really great, and there’s a rubber ring on the straw that matches the color of the tumbler, so at least from the looks of it, I think it’s impeccable, and by the way if you’re going to buy the Meoky 40 oz tumbler with handle, you can click on the picture of each color and see. You can see the difference between matte and glossy, so if you like matte or glossy finishes, you should be careful. 

Meoky 40 oz tumbler with handle blog post image

Then say a few words about his design, the whole insulation tumbler, including the handle, lid, and the bottom of the articulation, are a kind of rounded design, which is really full of details, I personally like this design, the only place that is not rounded, lies in the lid, of course, he is not unattractive, on the contrary, this design is very detailed and useful, in the following I will talk about.


You can see that the edges of the lid have the only uneven joint in the tumbler, which is actually designed to allow you to hold the lid better to unscrew it, and I really felt the design of this insulated tumbler is very attentive in the process of using it.

Meoky 40 oz tumbler with handle blog post image

When I took the straw off, I was surprised to find that the hole closed automatically, I tried to turn the tumbler upside down, and there was no leakage, let’s take a look at the inside of the lid, a structure we’ve seen in many other products, I’m sure you’re all familiar with it, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen it in an insulated tumbler, and the answer they gave me after I confirmed it with them was that it’s all Food-grade material, there is no odor, so don’t worry about health issues.


This is a capacity of 40oz tumbler, plus the weight of the thermos itself, so there is a certain weight, the handle of the grip, comfort is also particularly important, in the inner part of the handle, the yellow part of the soft rubber, and the outer orange part is hard rubber, the handle is also designed with some bending curvature, very close to the thumb, the overall grip feeling is not bad.

Meoky 40 oz tumbler with handle blog post image


The straw is also made of food grade stainless steel, which can be reused to reduce some plastic use and protect the environment, there is a rubber sleeve over the straw at the top end of the straw, to be honest, I didn’t feel like this was useful at first, but it’s not bad, it’s better looking, I asked them if this is also made of food grade material, and that it prevents you from getting hot water burns on your lips? I’m not sure, but for sure, I wouldn’t recommend using a straw to drink water you’re not sure of the temperature of, you’re likely to burn yourself, I took the rubber ring off later, and reused it, and I found that this design is still useful, he can prevent this straw to knock your teeth, that feeling is not comfortable.


For me, this tumbler is a way for me to drink my own cold drinks throughout the afternoon, so I didn’t bother to find out how long the temperature could be maintained, because it was enough for me, I wouldn’t let my cold drinks stay until the next morning, and the tumbler is insulated with double-layer vacuum insulation, which is the same as the common insulated tumblers, and it has a very good heat preservation effect. I prepared a hot drink in the morning and by the evening, he was still warm, believe me don’t go into the depths of whether or not it can maintain the temperature for 34 hours, I didn’t test this, it doesn’t matter to me if it can or it can’t, it’s just a tumbler I use to hold my drinks, not one of those traditional thermos flasks.

The bottom part of the tumbler

The bottom part is on the narrower side, it’s designed to snap into the car’s tumbler holder, if you guys bought this tumbler for this feature, I would highly recommend that you measure the dimensions of the tumbler holder in your car and then correspond to the dimensions that are shown on the official website to make sure that it snaps into place, and make sure that you pay attention to this, we’re not going to go and refund your money for the reason that you bought it and it doesn’t snap into place. Is it stable on the table? Don’t worry about it, it’s certainly stable.

Meoky 40 oz tumbler with handle blog post image

The bottom of the tumbler

The bottom of the tumbler is a non-slip pad, nice quality, nice effect, it is indeed non-slip.

Meoky 40 oz tumbler with handle blog post image


This tumbler is not suitable for boiling water, because the high temperature may make the automatic closing valve deformation caused by the cover is not tight, leakage, if you need to fill the boiling water, you should consider other insulated tumblers, although this tumbler is also has a very good thermal insulation effect, but it is not a wise choice to take it to fill the boiling water, because of the mouth is very large, pouring boiling water out of the words is very inconvenient, the main purpose of this tumbler is to put the boiling water out, it is not a wise choice, it is very convenient. The main role of this tumbler is to keep your drinks at a certain temperature for a long time, cold or hot, pour it in, insert a straw and enjoy it anytime.

Cleaning advice

Do not use a dishwasher, do not soak in detergent for a long time, do not use a brush to brush the surface finish, everyone does not want to look so good tumbler of paint received damage, after each use can be washed with detergent inside, but the surface of the water with the wash on it, do not let it be corroded, washed and slightly dry, and then naturally dry on it.


This is my review after a week’s trial, as you can see I took these photos at my workstation, in fact, all of our employees use a variety of Meoky cups, I hope my review can help you guys.

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