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4 Refreshing Cold Drinks Recipes for Your Ending Summe


Mango Smoothie

Smoothies are the ideal summer dessert. A soft and smooth mango smoothie on a hot day couldn’t be more enjoyable. Mango is one of the most suitable fruits for making smoothies. Its pulp is soft and smooth, and when lemon juice is added to the smoothie, it is as smooth as soft ice cream and has a great taste.

 180 ml soy yogurt (you can use vanilla yogurt if you like)

60 ml cool water

125 g orange (peeled and halved)

150 g frozen mango chunks (frozen pulp is ideal to make smoothie)

75 g ice cubes


Place all ingredients at once into the container of the mixer and secure the lid. Start the blender to run on low for five seconds before switching to high speed. Blend for about thirty seconds. Pour the smoothie into the Meoky stainless steel tumbler. That will do it, easy and delicious.

 Tips: A few drops of lemon juice can make your smoothies taste better

Basic Fruit Smoothie

Summer is here, and it’s also the season for golden pineapples. A cup of sweet smoothie with a strong condensed milk flavor is perfect for the hot weather!

And it takes less than five minutes to make!

Children and adults will love it!


480 ml soy milk

110 g peeled bananas

160 pineapple, peeled, with core


Put the soy milk, bananas, and pineapple into the container of the blender. You don’t have to add cool water this time. Blend it for about thirty seconds and it is done. Enjoy your cold drink from this Meoky’s tumbler. You can also take it outside to share with your friends. It fits most cup holder.

Iced Tea Recipe 

Iced tea is a drink with ice and sweetener on top of the tea. Also you can add different flavors like lemon, peach, gooseberry, lime, blueberry, and cherry to add taste. Now try making iced tea at home.

 4 cups water

3 bags black tea

1/5 cup sugar, optional, adjust to taste

 Brew the tea first. Boil 2 cups of the water, and add the tea bags into the boiled water and allow them to steep for 10 minutes. Then remove the tea bags from the boiled water. Add some sweaters if you like sweet tea. Whisk it until the sugar is completely dissolved. Now add the remaining cold water to the hot tea. After it cools down, refrigerate for at least an hour. Pour the tea into Meoky’s custom tumbler, and decorate the tea with lemon slices and fresh mint. Now you can enjoy a cold drink from drinkware with your favorite design.


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