Meoky new generation wine chiller



1.Efficient heat preservation.

Meoky wine chiller, unique appearance design, a new generation of ice bucket, insulated by double-layer vacuum stainless steel, can effectively keep wine cold for more than 6 hours, and does not need ice, no condensation

2.Fits most 750ml wines and champagnes

The meoky wine chiller can adjust the lid to fit more bottles, and contains a fixed silicone inside, which can effectively fix the bottle and reduce vibration, thus protecting your wine

3.Great gift for a lover of wine

If you have friends or family who love wine, the uniquely designed, practical and portable wine chiller will be the perfect gift to impress them!


You can choose Meoky wine, champagne, can cooler to drink wine, which will bring you a great experience

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Frequently asked questions

Will this hold a champagne bottle?

It will hold many different brands of Champagne and Sparkling Wine, such as Veuve Clicquot, Mumm, & Moet, to name a few. It will not hold some of the wider bottles such as Dom Pérignon.

How cold will it keep champagne? I chill my champagne in the freezer.

It is designed to maintain the temperature of the bottle you put in the Meoky wine chilller.

Do you sell one that can fit a 750mL champagne bottle?

Hi! The product actually holds some 750 mL champagne bottles, such as Veuve and Schramsberg. There are some bottles that are larger than others, which will not fit. The Meoky wine chiller will fit approximately 80% of wine and champagne bottles we have tried. Hope this helps!

Do you sell a taller screw cap or developing one so that the insulator can fit a taller Rosé or riesling bottles?

Hi! We only have one size currently, and the top is adjustable to fit most bottles. Even if it doesn't screw down the entire way it is still working! There are some Rosé and Riesling bottles that are just too tall.

Does this chill wine? Or only keeps cold wine cold?

Only keeps cold wine cold

How long does it keep wine cold?

We have found that it will keep a bottle cold all day if it is indoors. If you are outside and it is warmer, the bottle will still stay cold for a couple of hours or more. The insulator is made of double walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel. Hope this helps!

Can this hold and chill a bottle of vodka or only wine and champagne bottles?

Depends on the size/height of the vodka bottle, answer is YES, as long as it's almost as tall as the wine/champagne bottles.

Does this need to go in the freezer first or does it keep a cold bottle of wine cold?

No - does not have to go into the freezer. Works really well. If wine bottle is chilled, will insulate it and keep it that temperature for a couple of hours.

Can you let me know if it will hold a bottle of stella rosa moscato rose?

Hi! We looked up that type of wine and it looks like a standard bottle, so the Meoky wine chiller should work! We designed the top so that it is adjustable and fits most bottles regardless of the height. Even if the top doesn't screw down all the way, once it is tight it will still work! Hope this answers your question.

Is the chiller dishwasher safe?

I don’t think so. Nor is it really necessary to wash. A quick rinse out if needed should do the trick.

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