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3 best wine chiller ways

Wine chiller gives you a wonderful taste experience

Refrigerated red wine can bring an excellent experience to your taste. It not only softens the alcohol but also amplifies the aromatics. Low temperatures can effectively slow the evaporation of wine and enhance the aroma of alcohol. At this time, you can smell it more clearly. Complex aromas after aging.–Valerie Sizhe Li

How Be Cold Should Red Wine?

After most people’s drinking experience, 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature for drinking red wine, but the question is, what if you keep this temperature until the end of a banquet?

How do you chill red wine? Here are the 7 best wine chiller ways!

1. Keep it in the refrigerator!

Food refrigerators are good at chilling red wine quickly, they usually run at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but the aromatics and tannins in a wine that is too cold will be suppressed, which will make the wine poor, so it is recommended that you make it 10-15 minutes earlier Take the wine out and let it cool down

2. electric wine chiller!

Through the electric wine chiller, just plug in the electricity, and press the button, and you can quickly cool your wine bottle, ideal for kitchen counters, desktops, and home bars, and the electric wine chiller can control the temperature between 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit This is the best reference temperature for wine!

3. Meoky wine chiller

Through the above two methods, you can quickly reduce the temperature of your red wine to the optimal drinking temperature, but how do we maintain this temperature? We can’t carry refrigerators and electric wine chillers with us; don’t worry, you can use meoky wine chillers, double-wall vacuum stainless steel bars, which effectively ensure that the temperature is maintained at 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can take it anywhere!

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